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Shawnelle CherryFashion Design is all about making the wearer look great; the illusion of tall and thin is what everyone wants. I began writing a book on the subject and then taught courses on the techniques of looking taller and thinner. In Costume Design the creative opportunities are far more diverse. You get to design everything from a bum living in an alley to four big macho men wearing tomato costumes to a one-breasted cape-wearing superhero woman to a football legend wearing a squirrel coat and squirrel boots.

Costume design is at once addictive and challenging. Along with the challenge comes a high level of excitement. The people I get to work with and design for are always so interesting, sharing the same passion and devotion. Costume designing is all about creating the character, visually bringing the viewer into that character’s life and story through their appearance. Costumes bring to the eyes what the soundtrack brings to the ears; a mood, a message, and an integral part of the entire experience. My favorite design projects are comedies. These films allow you so much creativity, funny characters and situations. I love the design process from the sketch, to the fabric store, to the sewing table, and then transforming the actor into the character. We have to purchase and rent a lot of costumes usually because of budget and time issues but it’s always great fun when you can take an idea, envision what you want, and then create something very unique and fitting to the character.

As significant as a costume is visually to the audience, it also serves as an important prop for the actor (and I know many who agree). The right costume brings the actor into their character.

I Hope you enjoy my site.